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PLP increase lead over OBA!

If an election were held in May, nearly half of all voters (46%) would have voted for the Opposition PLP, a result that is now statistically significant.

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Support for casino gambling increases!

Support for casino gambling has slowly but steadily increased since 2012 and is now at the point where it is significantly supported by voters.

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Favourability and Job Approval Ratings of Leaders

Premier Michael Dunkley had a favourability rating of 50.9%, just edging out Opposition Leader Mark Bean’s rating of 48.9%.

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Voters remain opposed to independence

More than 7 in 10 voters (72.7%) oppose independence for Bermuda, and that position has not changed since 2012 (when it was 77% or from 2014 when it was 71.9%).

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2015 Poll Results

Summary of 2015 poll results.

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2015 Poll Results

Summary of 2015 poll results.

Are you in favour or do you oppose having the airport developed and run by a foreign company? Results
Which party do you trust to do a better job of handling the economy? Results
Are you in favour or […]

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2014 Poll Results

Profiles is conducting its next wave of political polls and this one, due out in May 2014, has some interesting new questions. These include:

How do you think that implementing the SAGE recommendations will affect Bermuda’s economy? Results
Which party do you […]

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